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Mission of the Office

Acting in the areas of medicinal products, medical devices and biocidal products we protect the health and take care of the safety of the society.



Our main priority is to ensure the proper quality, efficacy and safety of medicinal products, medical devices and biocidal products out of concern for the society’s wellbeing.

With the purpose of achieving our mission statement we:

  • obey national and international law and the directives and guidelines of the European Commission;
  • apply principles of legality, law and order, and build citizens’ trust in public administration institutions; in protection of human and citizens’ rights; in selflessness, openness and transparency; in professionalism; in accountability for actions or for abandonment of actions; rational management of public funds; open and competitive recruitment procedures;  
  • adhere to the civil service rules and ethics, that is to the public servants’ code of conduct,
    rules of public service, loyalty, political neutrality, impartiality and reliability;
  • standardization  by regulation of operations via imposition of internal regulations such as:

˗       regulations issued by the President of the Office,

˗       regulations issued by Director General,

˗       Standard Operating Procedures;

  • employ appropriately qualified employees; continue to broaden their knowledge and enhance their skills by providing them with possibilities of professional improvement;
  • collaborate with highly specialized and independent external experts on documentation evaluation;
    seek opinions of Committees which constitute consultative and advisory bodies
    of the President of the Office and opinions of expert groups established by the Committees;
  • cooperate with relevant national and European authorities within our statutory activities;
  • strengthen public trust by means of establishing and implementing an anti-corruption policy;
  • develop best possible relations with our employees, associates and collaborative bodies.   

The Chief Management sets quality objectives, creates and maintains an internal environment and resources required to meet set objectives.

The Quality Policy represents an obligation to comply with requirements of the quality system and to continuously improve the efficacy of the quality management system. All employees of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products are familiar with and respect the Quality Policy.


                                                                                     Grzegorz Cessak

Warsaw, 14.01.2013.


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